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UUIDEAR is the # 1 aquarium co2 manufacturer and industry leader, we produced the world’s first real CO2 generator since 2009. It uses chemical reactions to easily DIY co2 at home, rewriting the history that the aquarium CO2 system can only be used with "refill gas cylinder". Several revolutionary technological breakthroughs and product upgrades have made us a benchmark in this industry. Relying on our independent design and development capabilities and rich manufacturing experience, with cutting-edge design concepts, we continue to provide aquarium players with cost-effective products! We do not make cheap inferior products!
1.With 12 years' aquarium field experience, we have distinctive high-quality products.
2.Owned a large number of independent intellectual property rights, you won't have any risk of infringement.
3.We have rich experience in OEM/ODM. We have professional design, technical and sales team.
4.Rely on China's huge supply chain to screen out high-quality raw materials.
5.We have our own factory and assembly lines, effectively control product quality and flexible customization.
Leading aquarium co2 manufacturer
What Customer Say
James Nelson
James Nelson
Vice President
I am a customer of UUIDEAR and wish to highly recommend them to anyone seeking any type of aquarium CO2 generators and other aquarium equipment. They offer high quality products, affordable price as well as fast delivery.
Lucas Hyde
Lucas Hyde
Before cooperate with UUIDEAR, i have been tried other aquarium system and kits, but the purchasing experience was so frustrating. I found UUIDEAR from Alibaba on 2019, it took me only 2 days decide to cooperate with them, because their sales and engineer is so professional. 3 years has been passed, and it has been proven that this is the best ever decision i have made to have been cooperated with UUIDEAR.
Daisy Barry
Daisy Barry
Purchasing Manager
It is about 3 years since we cooperate with Nancy from UUIDEAR for aquarium co2 generator, generally it is about 2 weeks lead time, which can save my time; what is more, they provide perfect warranty for all their products, this is very helpful and attractive for my retailers. Hope we can cooperate better in the future.
Jasper Wilson
Jasper Wilson
Managing Director
UUidear is a professional manufacturer, we appreciate their development and research ability. Their co2 generator system are perfect desgined, diy co2 generators, co2 regulators and co2 diffusers are reliable as always, my aquarium business has growing 10 times after our cooperation since 2015.
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones
Purchasing Supervisor
Miss Han and her team at UUIDEAR are fantastic to work with! Either small or large order, they helped me a lot. First and foremost their aquarium systems are all of high quality and materials; and all their systems are user friendly designed that are easy to put together. I cooperate with UUIDEAR for all my aquarium systems order.
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